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Latest News :Hennnie Bekker's Spectrum now available at music retailers in Taiwan thanks to our newest distribution partner, Chi-Lin Music!
Hennie Bekker's Spectrum - An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental MusicOut Now!

Hennie Bekker

Spectrum - An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music

A colorful sequence of soothing music from some of Hennie Bekker's most memorable albums, including the best selling Spring Rain, Summer Breeze, Temba and Reverie. The album features fourteen tracks from eleven albums. Visit for details.

Michele Mele Cha ChaOut Now!

Michele Mele

Cha Cha

Over the course of her career, Michele Mele has produced four albums of original material, covering many musical styles. Her latest release, Cha Cha, fuses her love for bossa nova rhythms and jazz stylings with pop sensibilities and electronic colours to create an upbeat, nujazz vibe. Preview the album on

Greg Kavanagh's Music of IsraelOut Now!

Greg Kavanagh

Music of Israel - A Modern Odyssey

Kavanagh has brought some of Canada's top jazz and world instrumentalists together to create this fresh and inspired album of traditional music from Israeli culture. Kavanagh has modernized some of the most well known songs and made them accessible and enjoyable to people from all walks of life. Preview the album on

Hennie Bekker's Moving OnOut Now!

Hennie Bekker

Moving On

MOVING ON is a pure, creative exploration that crosses genres and styles. Best known for his world and relaxation sounds, Bekker has combined these sensibilities with his foundation in jazz and produced an album that truly represents his depth as an artist. View the album on, and on iTunes.

Hennie Bekker's TembaHennie Bekker's The Smoke That ThundersHennie Bekker's KusasaHennie Bekker's JabulaHennie Bekker's AmaniOut Now!

Hennie Bekker

African Tapestries Series

Master composer Hennie Bekker brings you his trademark, multi-platinum selling "African Tapestries" series, consisting of the five albums Temba, Kusasa, The Smoke That Thunders, Jabula, and Amani. A unique journey through the majesty and mystery of Africa, the series is an expedition of World Music interwoven with the sounds and rhythms from his roots. Bekker draws on his experiences growing up in Africa and demonstrates a unique ability to fuse ambient, New Age, relaxation and world music together, allowing the listener to experience Africa through diverse sounds of the landscape.

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